The Best Google Search Appliance (GSA) Replacement

The customization flexibility and core technology born from IBM Watson Explorer® makes the Yippy Search Appliance the best replacement for the GSA.

“We spent time and effort trying to accommodate Google and their GSA shortcomings, Yippy alleviated those shortcomings with the Yippy Search Appliance.” Yippy Review on Gartner Peer Insights.

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Yippy offers Google Search Appliance users a robust best of breed search technology for a lower cost. Get an all in one solution (search, connectors, UI) plus Yippy can do Search as a Service reducing internal bandwidth. Find out why GSA customers are making Yippy their enterprise search solution.

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“Google Search Appliance May Be Gone, But Category Lives On”

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“As a long time user of the Google Search Appliance in large global organizations I know the value of enterprise search. With the introduction of Yippy Search Appliance enterprise search has gone to a new level. Whether the application is big data, discovery, M&A or sales and marketing I cannot think of an organization that could not benefit from this technology.”

Art Huffman Former CIO at Halliburton& Air Liquide S.A.

Lower Cost for Feature Parity

Migrating to the Yippy Search Appliance (YSA) will lower your total cost of ownership out of the box. Additionally, the YSA onboard has an advanced feature sets not present in the GSA, including analytic NLP, email discovery, concept clustering, classification, user search ranking, tagging and saving making the Yippy Search Appliance the best alternative.


When looking for a Search Appliance security is a major factor for enterprises making a change. Yippy has flexible access control integration including, SSO, AD, LDAP and ACLs that provides early binding document and field level security. This insures that only the documents a user or group has permission to access will be available. The Yippy Search Appliance is the finest tool for helping organizations lock down abandoned files from their legacy systems.


The Yippy Search Appliance offers organizations the possibility to modify information returned in search results. The YSA allows for custom visual configurations with many parameters including word proximity, synonyms, source, link analysis, and freshness. Coupled with analytics, concept clustering, sentiment analysis, and natural language processing makes the Yippy Search Appliance the smartest appliance in the world.

The Best Google Search Appliance Replacement.
Find out why Yippy is the #1 choice in search.

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“Yippy Has First Rate Technical Expertise And Is Very Easy To Deal With” CEO Review of Yippy from Gartner Insight Engines
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