FT. MYERS, Fla., — Yippy, Inc. (OTCMKTS: YIPI) (“Yippy” or the “Company”), a search and analytics company, today announced that IBM veteran Michael Pointer has joined Yippy’s senior management team. Mr. Pointer succeeds the retiring Errol Walsh who previously held the same role at Yippy. Mr. Walsh will continue to serve Yippy as a member of its board of directors.

In February 2016, Google announced its departure from the on-premises enterprise search market with the sunsetting of the Google Search Appliance (the “GSA”). As a consequence, thousands of organizations currently using the GSA must now find a new solution. As reported by the Company and Fortune in May 2016, Yippy responded to this opportunity by announcing the acquisition of Chicago-based enterprise search consulting firm MC+A, which was recently named Google Innovation Partner of the Year. The deal is expected to close later this week.

By hiring Mr. Pointer, Yippy affirms its commitment to aggressively pursuing the appliance-based search market, which the Company estimates to be worth at least $500 million per year. With thousands of businesses in urgent need for a highly secure enterprise search solution to replace the outgoing GSA, Yippy offers a superior search solution based upon IBM Watson Explorer technology.

Mr. Pointer brings to Yippy a wealth of experience in sales, support and deployment of Watson Explorer technology. He was an early employee of Vivisimo, Inc. (“Vivisimo”), which developed the Watson Explorer core technology. At Vivisimo, Mr. Pointer served as Director of Customer Support, leading Vivisimo’s technical sales, implementation and technical support teams. Mr. Pointer also founded the Vivisimo training program.

After IBM purchased Vivisimo in 2012, Mr. Pointer served in a variety of senior roles with IBM, including Senior Director of Customer Support and Watson Solution Architect. In those roles, Mr. Pointer was responsible for worldwide sales, implementation, critical support delivery and technical enablement of IBM Watson products.

“The departure of Google from the enterprise search market is a significant disruption for thousands of customers, and Yippy/MC+A teams have already begun selling replacements,” said Mr. Pointer. “The reason I am here is because the Yippy Search Appliance not only surpasses the competition by a wide margin, I believe it to represent a significant advance over all search appliance products on the market.”

Richard Granville, Yippy’s Chief Executive Officer, stated, “This is a major step; we believe that nobody knows more than Mike Pointer about selling, deploying and supporting Watson Explorer search technology. In addition to overseeing Yippy’s day-to-day operations, Michael will serve as liaison to IBM, which is Yippy’s third largest shareholder and will also play a key role in the development and management of Yippy’s product pipeline.”

Video of YSA vs GSA Comparison
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