Yippy Technical Support Services

The support services agreement includes all coverage for the YIPPY Search Appliance (YSA) and YIPPY Search Cloud (YSC), virtualized environments (VM), hardware, software, configuration and YIPPY provided user interface hereafter called “YIPPY Services”

Support Services

YIPPY will provide Customer Technical Support (CTS) for the systems indicated in the Ordering Document for the term specified. The levels are further described below. There are three CTS levels, Customer may order optional Professional Services as provided by YIPPY.

YIPPY Enterprise Support Site (ESS)

YIPPY will provide a URL for the ESS and if the URL for the ESS Site or any procedure associated with the ESS Site is changed in the future, YIPPY will notify Customer Contacts via e-mail prior to making the change.

Support Hours

YIPPY will only process requests during hours of operation or pursuant to the coverage hours indicated by class of support services. Any request received outside the hours of operations will be logged and processed at the beginning of the next Business Day unless: (a) the request is a Priority 1 Request; (b) The Customer is entitled to Silver or Gold support; and (c) Customer requests support following the process described in these CTS Guide.

Accessing Support Enterprise Support Site (ESS)

Up to three Customer Contacts are entitled to access ESS, located at http://support.yippy.com/portal or such URL as YIPPY may provide periodically. The ESS contains the Software Updates, security advisories, and the web form for submitting CTS Requests.

Document Center

Documentation related to the YIPPY Services is published on the ESS and is always accessible by authorized personnel during contract period.

Access to Support

Only Customer Contacts may submit Support Requests, and must do so following the instructions provided by YIPPY at the time of purchase. At YIPPY’s sole discretion, the submission process may consist of submission of a web form through the ESS, e-mail, or a telephone call. If the instructions to open a Support Request change in the future, YIPPY will notify the Customer Contacts via e-mail in advance of any such change.

Support Hours and Target Initial Response Times

YIPPY will make commercially reasonable efforts to respond to Requests submitted by Customer Contacts within the target initial response times set forth in the table below.

Priority Classification

Priority 1 : Service interruption (over 1 hour); the performance and/or service of the server, platform or application are unusable; application, process or server is halted; the Services are so unstable that normal operations cannot be conducted. If the interruption concerns numerous users or an entire function, an interruption is classified as Priority 1.

Priority 2 : Interruption disturbs significantly the usability of the Service; application or platform are repeatedly unstable or do not answer normally to search requests.

Priority 3 : Interruption is stochastic and does not substantially impede use; interruption concerns rarely used special services and/or a work around is available. Other interruption which does not risk the Customer’s activities.

Priority 4 : Non-service Interrupting, feature requests and/or configuration changes that are non-service effecting. Or where a Project Change Request (PCR) form is needed to properly scope and plan the updates.

Customer obligations

First level support; escalation

Customer contacts will provide initial support to the end-users of the support and system. Before making a request to YIPPY, customer contacts will make reasonable efforts to resolve the issue using the documentation and other material provided by YIPPY.

Customer contacts

If customer wants to change the customer contacts, customer will notify YIPPY via CTS request at least 5 business days before the date upon which customer desires the change to take effect.

Diagnostic Information

When making each Request, Customer will provide at least the following diagnostic information: (i) unique appliance identification number; (ii) a description of the problem, the configuration, and details of the Customer’s network; (iii) data or logs as requested by YIPPY ; (iv) a detailed description of the attempted troubleshooting steps; and (v) timely responses and follow-up communication, via e-mail or telephone, to answer questions and make reasonable effort to assist YIPPY Technical Support Personnel as requested.

Internet Access

Customer Contacts may be required to download Updates located on the Internet in order to provide a Fix to resolve a Request.

Installation of Updates

During the Support Period, Customer will use a version of the Software and Connector Software which YIPPY supports. If a Fix is required to resolve a Request, YIPPY Technical Support Personnel may require Customer to download and install a supported Update. YIPPY will make commercially reasonable efforts to provide a Fix for a supported Software version. In some cases, a Fix may require Customer to download and install the most recent Software version.

Supported Software and Connector Software

YIPPY will generally support major Software and Connector Software versions for at least two years from the date that they are released on the ESS Site.

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