Every organization that has selected an enterprise search solution has gone through the painful task of deciding what program to use.  Like any software solution, all of the search products have their strengths, weaknesses and idiosyncrasies.  Companies are wasting money and their employee’s time and still not getting the promised value of the solution they ended up purchasing.  So why not engage an expert in the industry to help you identify ways to optimize your solution?

Mike Pointer, Yippy’s new COO, has over 10 years of experience with IBM Watson Explorer ® and Vivisimo Velocity (prior to IBM’s acquisition of Vivisimo in 2012).  He served as Vivisimo’s Senior Director of Customer Support and Training and as a Senior Watson Solution Architect at IBM.  At Yippy he leads a team of experts on enterprise search, including the GSA, Vivisimo Velocity, and Watson Explorer®

Training, Training, Training

Watson Explorer ® is a powerful best of breed solution that can take a lot of time to learn.  Reading a manual, browsing a knowledge base or just getting a quick overview of it is not going to empower your team to truly be fluent.  Learning from a top rate standard training program, training the trainer or getting just the tailored training you need based on your use of Watson® will accelerate the value from your solution.


During his 10 years of working with Watson Explorer® a common theme of Mike’s experience was the challenge of customization to each enterprise.  Most clients ask for an architecture analysis and a solution recommendation, but find it hard to adapt the product well to their business on their own.  Yet, it’s always better for Watson  to fit the enterprise than for the enterprise to fit Watson.

Watson Explorer® is a powerful, scalable and configurable product that can be adapted to fit all environments.  With customer advocates and product experts like Mike Pointer and the Yippy team, the power of Watson  can be unleashed.

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know… So Ask an Expert

Most enterprises aren’t even scratching the surface of what Watson Explorer® can do.   Watson Explorer® can make parts of a document more important than other parts, weight sources according to their value, deliver information security to the sub-document level, index only the right content in a document and scrub PII that cannot be shown, or even split a single file into multiple nuggets that can be queried with more precision.  By working with experts like Mike and his team, your pain point can be identified and then a solution can be created and customized to solve your problem.

To find out more how Yippy, Inc and Mike Pointer can help you optimize Watson contact us.

Mr. Pointer brings to Yippy a wealth of experience in sales, support, and deployment of the Watson Explorer® search technology.  Mr. Pointer joined Vivisimo (the creator of Watson Explorer®) in 2006 as Director of Customer Support, leading Vivisimo’s technical sales, implementation, and technical support teams and founding the Vivisimo training program.

After IBM purchased Vivisimo in 2012, Mr. Pointer served in a variety of senior roles with IBM including Senior Director of Customer Support of Vivisimo, an IBM Company and Watson Senior Solution Architect.  In those roles, Mr. Pointer was responsible for worldwide sales, implementation, critical support delivery, and technical enablement of IBM Watson ® products.

Yippy CEO Richard Granville commented:  “Nobody knows more than Mike Pointer about selling, deploying, and supporting Watson Explorer ® search technology.  We are embarking on a massive sales effort and we are blessed to have Mike running our operations.

In addition to overseeing day-to-day operations, Mr. Pointer will serve as liaison to IBM, which is Yippy’s third largest shareholder.  Mr. Pointer will also play a key role in the development and management of Yippy’s product pipeline.

Mr. Pointer commented:  “The Yippy Search Appliance, powered by IBM Watson Explorer ® technology, not only surpasses the competition by a wide margin, it is a significant advance over other products.  Yippy is in the right place at the right time to take advantage of this unique opportunity.”