Yippy began building out its infrastructure for cloud-based search applications earlier this year in an effort to being competing in the market with Google Cloud.  In addition to its on-site appliance model, the Company set out to create a low-cost cloud-based version with the same advanced technology used in the YSA, enabling the Company to offer appliance based and/or private or hybrid cloud options to its customers.

In February 2016, Google announced that it was sun-setting the Google Search Appliance (GSA), the leading product in the search appliance market.  The potential result is a significant market dislocation, as thousands of organizations are facing a time-sensitive need to replace the GSA.  In that same period Google announced it was transitioning to a 100% cloud-based model.

“We believe that the Yippy Search Cloud provides enhanced operational capability beyond Google or any other competitor in the search market.  These instances include document and field level security, trending and concept clustering, entity extraction, relevancy controls, sentiment analysis and many other features, including the largest library of content connectors available in the marketplace.  We pride ourselves as being very easy to work with, and we stand out from our competitors due to having everything an organization needs to get up and running in-house, saving time and money for our clients,” stated Richard Granville, Chief Executive Officer of Yippy.

Granville continued, “We already have customers which are business leaders from a variety of different industries using Yippy Search Cloud and in connection with its official launch we are pleased to offer for the next two months 90-day trials at no upfront cost for both the Yippy Search Appliance and Yippy Search Cloud, allowing qualified candidates to put our services to the test before making a purchasing commitment.”

You can learn more about Yippy’s search technologies at the following links.