Google Search Appliance Alternative

Can I buy a new Google Search Appliance?

No new systems can be purchased.

How long can I renew my Google Search Appliance?

One-year license renewals for existing systems through 2017, to end in 2018. 

When will support for the GSA end?

Support will end at the end of your renewal.  Google has announced that the GSA end-of-life is March 2019.

What happens after Google’s support ends? Would my GSA still run?

Your Google Search Appliance will stop working as soon as your license expires.  It cannot be turned back on.

When should I start looking for a Google Search Appliance Replacement?

ASAP!  Looking for a Google Search Appliance Alternative  will take at minimum a few months and you don’t want to have an outages or delays getting in service.  Remember there are thousands of other companies looking to for a Google Search Appliance Replacement so you don’t want to be competing with other companies to get your new solution installed.

Is there another search appliance that is similar or has more features than Google Search Appliance?

Yes.  Here is a comparison with the Yippy Search Appliance which has numerous additional features at a lower total cost of ownership.

See Comparison

What factors should I consider when looking for a Google Search Appliance Replacement?

Below is a guide to choosing your GSA Replacement:

4 Factors to consider for your Google Search Appliance Replacement