With news of more top secret information being leaked today by an NSA contractor it is even more important to make sure your companies data is secure.  Companies are faced with a difficult challenge of trying to access data to empower their employees and make them more efficient while ensuring their data stays secure.  The other recent cases of Snowden, FBI/NSA, IRS and numerous other data breaches show the importance of securing your internal documents.


Do you know how vulnerable your data is?  We recently finished an implementation for a company with over 1,000 employees.  One of the EVP’s asked us to search his name and in the results his social security number came up in 10 of the results!  This after they just finished an internal audit securing their documents.

One way to ensure your data is secure is the use of early binding. Early binding is a way to limit search to only the documents the user has access to by modifying the search engine query results.  Early binding associates ACL tokens with target documents as the document is crawled, which offers fast resolution of secure queries.

A second way to insure your data is secure is to add field level security to restrict users access to fields.  Field-level security gives you a full look at groups the user belongs to and compares it to a set protocol. You give users permission to read an entity while hiding fields, removing them from filters and securing data that user shouldn’t see.

Yippy Enterprise Search has flexible access control integration including Active Directory, SSO, LDAP and ACLs that provides early binding document and field level security. This insures that only the documents a user or group has permission to access will be available. The Yippy Search Appliance is the finest tool for helping organizations lock down abandoned files from their legacy systems.

Yippy Search technology stack is the same that powers IBM Watson Explorer® through a license acquired by the Company from Vivisimo (acquired by IBM).  Yippy combines that technology with its vast content connector framework and superior security.

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