Google Search Appliance Discontinued

Since Google announced the sun-setting of the Google Search Appliance thousands of companies are going to need a viable replacement.  As part of this announcement Google is no longer selling GSA’s and stopped offering renewals end of 2017 with the GSA end of life May 2019.

This means you must find a GSA Replacement before your contract runs out.  It will take a minimum of 60 days to find the right solution and for most companies the process with take 6+ months.  This is a major issue since  you might have a delay in getting your GSA Alternative up and running before your contract is up.  The end of 2018 there will be a massive influx of companies making the transition so if you don’t already have your replacement you may be at the end of a growing waiting list to transition to new technology.

At Yippy, our clients do not have to deal with major migration issues and third parties as with our competition.  We maintain the largest connector factory in the world, and all our systems are delivered by Yippy and not third parties.  Most installations take 2-3 days and are in production ready status.  Yippy offers solutions that none of our competitors can match, such as complete Microsoft unification, email and archive search through our Watson based engine.  We are not open source.

Our data security is #1 in the industry and we have a full line of products to enhance the enterprise search capabilities of every organization.  We can provide a better, faster, and cheaper solution in days.

The following articles may help give more insight into the Google Search Appliance migration.    WE ROCK SEARCH !

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