A recent USA Today news article “Verizon, Dow Jones leaks a reminder: safeguard your cloud data” discusses how over 6M Verizon customers records were exposed to the public.   This was NOT a hack, this was an error which can easily happen at any company.  The article further discusses how over 200M registered voters information was also exposed by a contractor for the Republican National Committee.  Amazon, the cloud provider, also said they aren’t responsible since the data issues resided at the user level. 


Companies are faced with a difficult challenge of trying to access data to make their employees more efficient yet at the same time are trying to secure data to prevent it from going to the wrong people. 

For this reason, Yippy’s Enterprise Search solution has flexible access control integration including Active Directory, SSO, LDAP and ACLs that provides early binding document and field level security. This insures that only the documents a user or group has permission to access will be available. The Yippy Search Appliance is the finest tool for helping organizations lock down abandoned files from their legacy systems. 

Early binding is a way to secure your data by limiting search results to only the documents the user has access to by modifying the search engine query results. By adding field level security, you are also restricting users access to fields.  Field-level security gives you a full look at groups the user belongs to and compares it to a set protocol. You give users permission to read an entity while hiding fields, removing them from filters and securing data that user shouldn’t see.

Empower your employees today by giving them a search tool that gives results that will allow them to be more productive while also securing your data.  Yippy Search technology stack has the same core engine that powers IBM Watson Explorer®. 

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