Yippy, Inc. (OTCMKTS: YIPI) (“Yippy” or the “Company”), an enterprise data unification company known for its leading search and insight driven Yippy EASE 360 platform, announced today that the Company has entered into an advisory agreement with Steven I. Cooper to serve as an advisor to the Company’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Cooper served as Chief Information Officer (CIO) at the U.S. Department of Commerce (U.S. DOC) from June 2014 to January 2017. In this role, Mr. Cooper served as the U.S. DOC’s principal adviser on information technology (IT) issues across the department’s twelve bureaus. He also held the title of Senior Accountable Official for Cybersecurity and chaired the U.S. DOC’s CIO Council. Among Mr. Cooper’s many responsibilities at the U.S. DOC, he led the development and implementation of an enterprise-wide IT strategy and operations, oversaw the building and operation of a robust enterprise IT security risk program, and served as an adviser on mission and business IT systems and services.

Prior to joining the U.S. DOC, Mr. Cooper served as the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Acting Assistant Administrator for Information Services and CIO. In February 2003, Cooper was appointed by President George W. Bush to serve as the first CIO of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Prior to joining DHS, Mr. Cooper was appointed Special Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and served as Senior Director for Information Integration in the White House Office of Homeland Security.

Mr. Cooper also has more than 20 years of private sector experience, including service as Senior Vice President and CIO of the American Red Cross, where, most notably, he helped start the first-ever National Call Center to provide emergency financial assistance during Hurricane Katrina. Mr. Cooper received a BA from Ohio Wesleyan University, and was honorably discharged as a Naval Air Reserve petty officer following service during the Vietnam War.

“Yippy has amassed a dynamite product suite to support use cases in government services and the financial sector which are clearly transformative and best of breed. Yippy’s ability to unify all Microsoft products as well as other major business applications into a single view with document and field level security creates measurable productivity gains. My interaction with Yippy began in early 2014, and I am very pleased to officially join Yippy as a board advisor to further facilitate this excellent company forge major relationships both in government and in the private sector,” stated Mr. Cooper.

Richard Granville, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, “Steven Cooper is a significant force in the field of data search as it relates to government projects. Under Mr. Cooper’s previous mentorship, Yippy has developed a suite of product offerings tailored to the massive data challenges that face governments and large organizations, and we believe that Mr. Cooper’s decades of experience and relationships will create unprecedented opportunities for our company. Yippy’s technology is ready for production on a governmental scale, and we treasure Mr. Cooper’s wisdom and energy as we work together to revolutionize enterprise search and document discovery.”