If you have a Google Search Appliance you are now months away from it turning into a big yellow brick.
Thousands of organizations are now scrambling to find a GSA Alternative and the task of going through this process can be cumbersome at best.  Yippy has already helped numerous companies (Read Article) quickly make the transition to a more robust application that greatly decreased search times while providing advanced security, data discovery and ease of use.  For this reason, we have created a Google Search Appliance Replacement Program to make the transition easier while reducing the internal bandwidth of going through an implementation of a new search application.  Here are some of the benefits of our program.

Google Search Appliance Replacement

Convert Earlier and Get Free Additional Months

Yippy will provide customers additional free months of our GSA Replacement for the term remaining on their contract.  So if you have 6 months remaining on their Google Search Appliance and you choose Yippy then you get up to an additional 6 months free of service from either our appliance or cloud solutions. This piece of our program will be over soon so it is first come first serve.

Ease of Installation

We require minimal resources from our client’s internal team allowing them to focus on other priorities and initiatives.  Since we provide an all in one solution including search, connectors, security and user interface  we can get our clients up and running in a matter of days and in some cases even a few hours.  Yippy’s solution is truly a plug and play installation, and we provide 100% support for  the appliance out of the box. 

Data Unification

With 5,000+ content connectors, we provide our clients access to data they didn’t or couldn’t access to in the past.  Yippy even can provide full Microsoft unification and email discovery to not only search the content of the emails but also the attachments.


For enterprise search, fast, flexible and reliable access control layers are an essential requirement.  Yippy can include active directory, LDAP and custom ACLs integration that provides single sign-on (SSO) and early binding document and field level security. This ensures that only the documents a user or group has permission to access will be available, which Yippy provides in sub-second response times.