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Founded in 2009, Yippy has evolved from its educational roots into a leading provider of enterprise search and insight technologies for all types of consumers of data.

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Yippy’s search technology, born out of Carnegie Mellon, was acquired by the company in 2010. This included the acquisition of an unlimited world wide perpetual license for the software known as Velocity from Vivisimo, acquired by IBM (2012) and renamed IBM Watson Explorer®.

“Yippy is the most powerful enterprise search solution available,” stated The Forrestor Report.


The speed at which our EASE 360 performs complex internal and external search is astounding making Yippy Cloud the only choice for search based applications in the cloud and the #1 Google Search Appliance Replacement. Yippy provides features that are not available by any other competitor in the space at a price unmatchable due to the economy of scale found in the Yippy Search technology. GSA users and customers looking for a faster, easier and cheaper solution are choosing Yippy.

Yippy has enhanced Velocity/Watson Explorer ® tremendously through proprietary internally developed programs. This includes document and field level security, concept trending and clustering, entity extraction, relevancy controls, sentiment analysis, and many other features, including the largest library of content connectors available in the marketplace. We pride ourselves as being very easy to work with, and we stand out from our competitors due to having everything an organization needs to get up and running, in house, saving time and money for our clients.

“There are major differences between Big Data and Smart Data. Yippy’s clustering engine and robust feature set are essential drivers for mining data and gaining insights into a broad range of applications.” Rich Granville CEO, Yippy, Inc.

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