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Yippy Search Cloud (YSC)

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Yippy Search Cloud provides the same advanced technology embedded into the Yippy Search Appliance, giving customers a choice of Public, Private, and/or Hybrid cloud solutions. Offerings included self managed to SaaS managed solutions.

Search Technology

Yippy Search Cloud’s technology stack is the same that powers IBM Watson Explorer® through a license acquired by the Company from Vivisimo (acquired by IBM). This means, with the Yippy Search Cloud you are leveraging pedigree software, not open source projects, coupled with our internally developed security, analytic, and visualization packages make Yippy the Best of Breed.

Content Connectors

Yippy Search Cloud has a fully documented connector source factory that monitors, maintains and updates the connectors on a 24/7 basis and guarantees highly sustainable and scalable use. Yippy maintains a library of thousands of content connectors from Muse Global that are available for content federation and harvesting of public, private, structured or unstructured data in any format, across any location, including enterprise applications, social media, and proprietary content sources.


Yippy has early binding document and field level security. This insures that only the documents a user or group(s) has permission to access will be available in the search results. We are known in the industry as having the best document security platform.

User Interface

The Yippy Search Cloud comes with a standard interface with the ability to customize to your specification or use our API to allow distinct data visualizations in your internal and external site displays. Yippy is a plug and play solution. Install today, search today!

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